Breast Cancer Awareness Month – My Thoughts & Giveaway

It started with one pink watch…

In June of this year, I was fortunate to be invited to participate in the Authors and More Against Cancer Auction Event on Facebook. A number of authors contributed any and everything to this event: books, eBooks, I think I even remember seeing a beautiful chopping board. I contributed my books and a pair of garnet earrings.

Depositphotos_6033866_xsAt the time, I thought I was just contributing to a good cause. I remember saying to my husband that all it takes to make a difference is for one person to care. I know a long list of people who have battled or died from cancer including my Dad—who had colon cancer, my Granddad and Aunt’s husband, both who had prostate and my Grand mom who died of thyroid cancer not forgetting a long list of close family friends.

In preparation for this event, as the time…

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